Saturday, November 27, 2010

Roses Design Awards - Sound and Silence coalition

The Brief - Create and promote an unlikely coalition - after all opposites attract!

The cd’s are to promote the coalition of sound and silence.The concept is that the auditory cortex can create sound when we are visually watching something in silence or having a mental picture. The brain will always try and create sound to match what we are seeing even in silence.   

Each cd cover has a graphic diagram of this concept and each include ear plugs to demonstrate the idea of silence while set in a cd cover which illustrates the idea of sound. Each cd cover illustrates different pitches as sound is not monotone but vast in its breadth of tone and pitch. Each one has different colours and graphics to express the style of the pitch.

Low Pitch - soft colours and smooth graphics.
Mid Pitch - slightly stronger colours and harder graphics.
High Pitch -  Bold and bright colours and harsh graphics.

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